Month: March 2008


A review of an internship : when people lie about you.

This post is different from the others ….Doesn’t include fashion or style tips but it I something more than that. INTEGRITY. To make the long story short, I am doing my master’s in Deree college –I will talk about it in another post- and I got an internship in a PR agency and I felt so lucky to start implementing what I studied and trying to get in the work field. Each one of us is fighting in life. But fighting with integrity and honesty is very difficult, really difficult these days. The truth is that i have undergone many unfair situations and i am not here to critize these people.I forgive them for all of these, nevertheless i am not the one who will critisize them at the end. And that thing they must have in mind. . I was really happy before I go and I went there with great expectations, with eager to learn -without getting paid of course.I imagined myself learning from great people who have been working in the industry …