Month: March 2009


Building effective teams or just building effective friendships?

Building effective teams or just building effective friendships ?  Being in Deree and doing my Master’s degree there i had the chance to do things , meet new people and experience new situations. I will not tell you the reasons why i chose Deree right now , i will focus on my time spending there. The group projects were the reason of getting to know people that became my friends and spend time together as well as share common ideas and targets. I feel so happy that i wanted to thank them by arranging a party for them in order for us to be closer and had a great time together. . Our course about Effective Communication Skills made as all united and so close to each other. Our professor , Mr Karimalis managed to make us embrace the main points of effective communication . I think this is the most important. In the other course we took -the professor is Mrs Kefala , an excpetional professor too- we also had the opportunity to make …