Month: July 2010



This is the second part of the random photos and  i am looking them each by each know why ….I posted these photos to share with you some more personal moments ..The photos we took were so many ….Of course we saved some for ourselves that i will not post ..AND  …when i think about august ,studying and the upkoming exams in september  i get anxious  ,panic . The next post is about nafplio and the times we spent there !Where will you go for vacations /? Αυτό είναι το δεύτερο μέρος των   φωτογραφιών και πραγματικά κάθομαι κ χαζεύω και αναπολώ .Πήραμε τόσες φωτογραφίες που δε θα τις ανεβάσω όλες . Τον Αύγουστο δεν θελω να τον σκεφτομαι …ειδικά τον Σεπτέμβρη …πολύ διάβασμα ….Η αλήθεια είναι οτι στις διακοπές ευχαριστήθηκα μπάνια στη θάλασσα και φαγητό …Παίζει να πήρα και 6 κιλά ,μην πώ και παραπάνω χααχαχα!Δεν ξέρω πως έγινε αυτό χαχαχαχα! Αρχίζω δίαιτα γιατί δε με βλέπω καθόλου καλά ! Εσείς που πηγατε διακοπές που θα πάτε ?


I am back from santorini and i would like to share with you some  beautiful personal moments ! Now i am in nafplio in where i am from …Kisses !I hope you enjoy ..The second part is coming ! Έχω γυρίσει απο την όμορφη Σαντορίνη , τι κρίμα! Καθόμουν και αναπολούσα όλες αυτές τις στιγμές …και θα ήθελα να μοιραστώ μαζί σας κάποιες πιο προσωπικές στιγμές .Τώρα είμαι ναύπλιο , απο όπου και κατάγομαι …  



      Ammoudi beach is a beach near Oia and has one of the most beautiful views there . We founded by lack cause we didn’t know exactly where the nice taverns near the sea are . In Ammoudi there are taverns and restaurants near the sea . We sat there for our meal and we enjoyed so much . It is a little expencive if someone doesn’t want to spend 50 euros for 2 .  I wore that clothes my mum gave to me 10 years ago and i haven’t ever worn them .She bought it from lussile .It is very nice when the sun is shining cause it keeps you relaxed and cool in the sunshine . Do you like it ?            Το Αμμούδι είναι δίπλα απο την Οία και αποτελεί μια απο τι παραλίες της .Διαθέτει ταβέρνες ,εστιατόρια και καταπληκτική θέα .   Το βρήκαμε τυχαία και ενθουσιαστήκαμε με την υπέροχη θέα . Είναι αυτό πραγματικά που έψαχνα στη Σαντορίνη .Ένα ήσυχο λιμανάκι με ταβερνούλες δίπλα ακριβώς στη …



I had the great pleasure to find the one museum in santorini to the way to kamari …The truth is i have never found such a museum .. The first time we saw it i was staying and looking at it in order to realize if it trully exists .I am a lover of wines and it would be such  an opportunity for me to be part of the viewers of such a museum .This museum represents the evolution of wine during the years . The presentation is like you see it live in fron of you cause there are waxworks who show how the making of the wine is . The museum is 8 meters below the ground and they gave to you a gadget like walkie talkie to hear the history of each excibit. It is absolutely a need to go. At the end your little trip they give you to taste three different wines . I have the greatest memories from that museum .If you are in santorini and you have not …



Santorini …The island of love ,of romantic walks …I adore santorini ..Yesterday we went in Perissa beach and in Perivolos beach and after that we enjoyed the beautiful sunset   in Firostefani ..It was ..perfect …I can’t find the right word to describe the feelings …Greece is so a beautiful island with blue waters and sun is shining all the time …It gives you the impression that you are in heaven!  So beautiful views beautiful waters , such a beautiful island ..I hope you enjoyed the photos ! We all may have a beautiful summer .. I posted some traditional songs to hear cause I believe that we must not forget our tradition and where we come from …Have fun in the summer , enjoy wherever you go and always have in mind  …your roots . It is not something you have to be embarrassed but something to be proud with ! ( Isn’t this yves saint laurent shirt so niice wearing in the summer upon your swimsuit??? It is my daddy’s shirt ! …



At last , we are here in SANTORINI !Aloneee! I was waiting for it for days …and now we are here !Santorini island is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and dare to say of the whole world .Its history refers to the erruption of the volcano in 1625B.C which caused the destruction of the island and of the minoan civilization by the tsunami from the volcano .The island of Santorini is associated with the legend of Atlantis which was written by Plato. The view from every corner in Santorini is beyond words ….It can take your breath away . The dawn is exquisite from firostefani . The blue and white buildings are scattered along the cliffs and they provide a great view .  There are so many restaurants and bars along the cliffs and they have a marvelous view …Santorini is a very large island so you have to rent a car before you go unless you will  get very tired and it is not the point .The point is to see …