Month: December 2010


Conde Nast Building (Vogue) and an outfit

In Times Square there is also the Cande Nast building i would not miss seeing it , at least seeing it …Anyway , we were around running errands in the whole Manhattan , we also went to Brooklyn i will show you the pics from Brooklyn Bridge , we also saw Queens but unfortunately we did not walk there only saw it by taxi . Which place i prefer better ? I think Soho(Noho) and Greenwitch Village and of course Madison avenue and Times Square . Times Square looks like the Piccadily Circus don’t you think ?It bares resemblance ! As for the other photos they are just an outfit photos of our last night and i love the chanel bag i bought from Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market ! So enjoy! Στην Times square λίγα μέτρα απο το ξενοδοχείο μας ήταν το Cande Nast Building και βέβαια δε θα παρέλειπα να δω . Εκτός απο το Μanhattan πήγαμε και στο Brooklyn , θα σας δείξω φωτογραφίες στην επόμενη ανάρτηση και είδαμε το Queens αλλά μέσα στο ταξί …