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Maasai Mara Art Gallery @ Nafplio

There is a shop in Nafplio that caught my eye !When i was walking i saw the beautiful leather bags so instantly i went inside to see them clearly . They are perfect . I met the owner of this wonderful shop and told me about his travels in Africa , Maroko and many many more places !The jewelry are the authentic ones, especially the famous tribe of maasai jewelry!
His shop is so unique , we all loved it !He also gave me the leg bracelet which people wear in Εthiopia .
You can see it here !
You will love it !
If you go to Nafplio , please go there you will find real treasures !
You can find the shop in the address below
maasai mara art gallery 17 Bas.Alexandrou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town) 
As for our night out ?We went to 3sixty cafe  for drinks and food  and of course for walk!

bsb dress
balenciaga bag
dkny bag
fullah sugah wedges


  1. veronica says

    i love the bags and jewelry they are amazing !you have a great blog !keep up the good work!where is nafplio ?i am from italy but i want to go to greece !and of course visit nafplio and this shop !


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