Month: April 2015



My blog turns 5 years old today , i turned 27 two days ago so things go on and we get older and i hope wiser… 5 years ago ,on 24th of April , 2 days after my birthday i decided to make a blog , a fashion blog . This blog was the start of a new adventure in my life and got me so many experiences , i met new people , i did so many staff, i collaborated with many companies, i got to learn how people work in Pr and journalism ,i made a speech in front of people about my Journalistic Experience through blogging. Blogging and bloggers are really a controversial subject in today’s world. Bloggers are having a short of power because they have a voice and this is a huge deal. I saw brands becoming huge because they collaborated with bloggers. In Greece people hate to love or the opposite. Bloggers are not only bloggers. I hold a bachelor in Media and Communications from Kapodistrian University in Athens …