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My blog turns 5 years old today , i turned 27 two days ago so things go on and we get older and i hope wiser…
5 years ago ,on 24th of April , 2 days after my birthday i decided to make a blog , a fashion blog . This blog was the start of a new adventure in my life and got me so many experiences , i met new people , i did so many staff, i collaborated with many companies, i got to learn how people work in Pr and journalism ,i made a speech in front of people about my Journalistic Experience through blogging. Blogging and bloggers are really a controversial subject in today’s world. Bloggers are having a short of power because they have a voice and this is a huge deal. I saw brands becoming huge because they collaborated with bloggers. In Greece people hate to love or the opposite. Bloggers are not only bloggers. I hold a bachelor in Media and Communications from Kapodistrian University in Athens , i had done internships in Athens News Agency , Paraskinio  and now i am finishing my master’s degree in Strategic Communication and Public Relations. Many of us have an academic background and it is fair to show it ,we are not only bloggers. I started the blog because i wanted to work on press , newspapers and magazines but along the way things did not turn the way i wanted. So i made my own magazine named Spoiled
The mission of the magazine is to make people the main characters of the magazine and promote young people, their talents, their creativity. In Greece of 2015 we must help each other and have the virtue of solidarity. We ,people ,except from political faces, should be engaged with the others , communicate and help others. Otherwise , this country will not be saved  from political people if we the poeple would not help !
Anyway , i am so happy having you all here all these years , because i know that fashion is a little shallow thing , but life is not ! I underwent some very serious circumstances the last years so i am here with all of you celebrating the blog as a sense of creativity and success to myself ! Thank you all for your contribution , for your interactivity and remember keep dreamimg and do not let anyone disappoint you . With your smile even the mean ones get away , remember that 🙂 Because at the end the good always wins !That is for sure !

Bag by hermes
Coat by Burberry
Sunglasses by persol
Shoes by Forever 21 bought in New York
Earrings by H andM
Vintage gold jacket
Leather jacket by


  1. MARIZA says

    εύχομαι καλή επιτυχία σε ό,τι και να κάνεις σε παρακολουθώ και σου εύχομαι ό,τι καλύτερο !


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