This blog ws born by Christina Georgopoulos/Site and social media marketing by C.G

I am Christina Georgopoulou. I cannot realize that it’s been 7 years we are together. Yes , i know some breaks , some hugs , some difficulties but we are here all together 🙂 as we were… Our lives are changing and we should not forget our first steps. The blog has been one of my first steps into the workfield and it has been a huge experience. I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful company all these years . I would like to thank you all for your bad words, nice words and generally for all of the things that you taught me ! Blogging is a huge school !

Christina Georgopoulos is a social media manager , blogger and pr specialist. She got her degree in Media andCommunications from Kapodistrian university of Athens and also holds a Master Degree in (Master of Arts ) Strategic Communication and Public Relations in American College of Greece (DEREE) .She also holds 2 other e-learning masters from the University of
She had worked in Athens News Agency , Newspapers, online blogs, pr companies and in the retail industry as a social media manager. She is also founder of a Greek online magazine .

Christoula Mitropoulou is a Greek Professor who likes writing , creativity and energy. She is also fashion blogger ,writer and is a co-owner of a Greek online magazine along with Christina.She holds a Master from the University of Cyprus.Now she is the face of LIFE IN STYLE blog!

Style has to do not only with clothes and shoes and bags but also in the way we behave , how we see the world , our dreams , our gestures , how creative we are , how we sense the world and the aura we have !

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Through the years
Life in Style In 2010 participated in the blogger’s cloth photoshoot of Queens store in Kifisia , Athens .
It was also chosen to be in streetstyle section of web Cosmopolitan.uk with title ”Greece is the word”.
It participated in a greek tv show called (Aksizei na to zeis -STAR CHANNEL ) as a fashion blogger.
It had made collaborations with agencies in 2010 and companies and fashion brands like Le Pandorine , Eureka, Med , Erre Due.
Many photos were also chosen by Glamour.nl and Marieclaire.com
Christina has done a lot of speeches among those her favourite and first was a speech in the Communication Context 2012 of the American Deree College here in Athens .about her Journalism Experience Through Blogging .


LIFE IN STYLE is one of the top 50 fashion blogs !



αρχείο λήψης

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