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#spoiledissue4 x Life In Style

Hello guys ! Christoula and LIS ( Life In Style) had a collaboration with Spoiled magazine to participate in the Isuue 4 featuring Tous and Longchamp stories that you will see in the next posts and in the magazine. Every issue of Spoiled has a subject and it is the only magazine worldwide that is launched in themes and stories in a connection to the site. It has brought a revolution in magazines as it follows a different path with many changes. This issue has the theme of friendship.  One said tha friends are family. I say that friends are much more than family. Are the reflection of yourself… Go check the issue here  Hope you have a great day ! Photographer : FELLOW BLOGGER ANNA ANTONIADOU FROM VIA DELL ANNA 

My Tous Lovestory

My Tous lovestory! Yes , here in Life in Style we have a huge crush on Tous and we showed it with our collaboration with SPOILED MAGAZINE for their new issue #spoiledissue4. We did a photoshoot for a story . This story has to do with Tous . When i see the new bags from the collection, i got a crush on them .Yeah , really …You do not believe me , right ? Just see the black bag and the studded little bag. You see now ? I remember myself  many years ago ,the first bags that i purchased from TOUS. It was their logo then . I want to show them to you…really (maybe in another post :P, but i will). Do you like them ? See the issue HERE. FROM BACKSTAGE That’s all folks , see ya around !  


  Hello lifeinstylers ! Nak shoes had an exclusive event for us to present to you the new collection for the winter . We had a blast ! Me and Christoula were so excited because we especially love Steve Madden and  of course Nak . Due to our late arrival we missed the show but we had a great time exploring the new collection and the shop downtown. We would like to show you all the beautiful shoes and of course the world of Nak shoes ! Are you ready???

Sexy Shorts by Wrangler

I love shorts especially in summer. My number one clothe during summer. Wearing it in beach parties ,at night , during the day and night with heels or wedges. This new pair of  Wrangler shorts made my day . I think that it really fits well in my body and gives confidence and to tell you the truth kinda sexy .. What do you think? Αγαπάω τα σορτσάκια και ειδικά το καλοκαίρι είναι η εποχή που φοριούνται παντού . Ήδη το έχω ονειρευτεί να το φορέσω σε beachparties, στην παραλία , στα νησιά και φοριέται παντού και όλη την ημέρα. Το πρωί με σαγιονάρες ή σανδάλια και το βράδυ με τουνίκ και πλατφόρμες ή high heels . Η αλήθεια είναι οτι είναι κολλητό και θέλει συγκεκριμένο σωματότυπο . Πάντως η αλήθεια έιναι οτι είναι sexy ..Εσείς τι λέτε; Wrangler: Κεντρική Διάθεση VF Hellas, τηλ. 210 3449300 Hashtags:#Wrangler Πληροφορίες καταστημάτων: Lee Wrangler stores : Golden Hall, Λ.Κηφισίας 37Α, Μαρούσι, τηλ 210 6814705 The Mall Athens, Ανδρέα Παπανδρέου 35, Μαρούσι, τηλ 210 6179371 Αγ. Μεταξά 33, …

Christoula’s diary:Girls never stop playing dress up!

Simplicity ….A simple but beautiful dress can enhance your beauty. This dress by American Vintage is beyond words a simple but wonderful dress for all occasions. You can wear it with heels for a more formal occasion; you can wear it with flats for a walk or for coffee. And remember the most important thing is your smile! You become more beautiful and more wanted. Have confidence and make every clothe yours! Απλότητα ..Ένα απλό μα όμορφο φόρεμα μπορεί να σας κάνει όμορφες. Αυτό το φόρεμα από American Vintage είναι απλό αλλά συνάμα πολύ κομψό για όλες τις περιστάσεις. Μπορείτε να το συνδυάσετε με πέδιλα με τακούνι για πιο κομψό look και με flat ή σανδάλια για πιο απλό αλλά μοδάτο look.Και μην ξεχνάτε πάντα το χαμόγελο μπορεί να δώσει την τελευταία πινελιά και να κάνει το ρούχο όμορφο  και εσάς υπέροχες. Styling and photos by Christina Georgopoulou What Christoula is wearing bag by Le Pandorine: Kεντρική Διάθεση: Motiva Fashion, τηλ. 210 7239974 Hashtags: #LePandorine   Dress by American Vintage American Vintage: e-shop : Kεντρική …