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Product highlight: Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Oil Mist

2016 is here and we want to thank you all for being part of 2016 all these years. We will talk about the highlights of 2016 in another post. Now we will talk about a product that was the highlight of our hair. The Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle , oil Mist. This product is really special for its usage. It is a product especially for our hair and it is silicone free!!! Oil Miracle Oil Mist infuses fine hair with extraordinary , evaporates fast! For an instant dry feeling , 2-5 pumps are ook and apply it on wet or dry hair.Leave in , do not spray your eyes. We have tried it and we are really satisfied! Above all my friends , we want to have products that are special.

Ferendi Watch x LIS

  Ferendi watches are a good choice for those who want a stylish but affordable watch to buy. There is a variety of styles for men and women and my opinion is tha you should at least take a look. I wear mine and i feel comfortable with it . And this is my fair opinion . I want to tell you only what i really believe about products. When i do not like something usually i am not writing about it. It is so simple. I try to put only products i try and like. Just to inform you about that. Anyway , let’s get back to ferendi . I tried it , loved it ..You should do to 🙂 Kisses !xoxo!

Dresslily Geometric Jacket

Hello guys !Today on the blog i would like to show a new shop named Dresslily . It has so many beautiful things .The geometrical print jacket is a trend  and i found one  from there, I mix it with a pair of ripped jeans (you can mix it with a pair of jeggings or leggings, or dresses/skirts) . It is so warm and coxy and  i think it is the best jacket for everyday long, for your work , university , coffee times , simply everywhere. What do you think ? Γειά σας ,σήμερα στο blog θέλω να σας δείξω ένα καινούριο e-shop το Dresslily . Θα βρείτε πολύ ωραία πράγματα . Εγώ ξεχώρισα αυτό το jacket με τα γεωμετρικά σχέδια ,το οποίο εκτός του οτι είναι ένα trend που πραγματικά συμπαθώ μπορώ να το φοράω όλη την ημέρα. Γιατι; Μα φυσικά γιατί είναι πολύ ζεστό , μπορείς να το φοράς μέχρι την άνοιξη , είναι ευκολοφόρετο , μπορείς να το συνδυάσεις όπως θέλεις εσύ , είναι για όλες τις ώρες , εξαρτάται βέβαια πώς θα το …

Review: Panthenol Extra Cream and Ms Nail Care

Hello Lifeinstylers !First of all , i would like to thank you all for your participation in our giveaway for winning a Gucci bag ! I assure you that many giveaways like that one will come !Stay tuned ! The other day i got a gift from panthenol . This is a post review of Panthenol Products and Ms Nail Products . Some of you might have already seen  the article  on Spoiled  about Panthenol Extra. I have tried Panthenol products and i tell you they are really nice . Panthenol Extra cream combines the hydrating action  and care of provitamin B5 (Panthenol) and the anaplastic -firming action of Urea. This cream is for blotches due to sun exposure or any weather condition , for dehydrated /severe dry skin , after thermal shaving and depilation , for scars or chaps , stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss. The Ms Nail Care are products by Medisei for manicure and pedicure and by the way the nail polish is really long lasting . You can find the …