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Presentation of the new collection Lynne by Katerina Kainourgiou @Akrotiri

I went to a great event for the presentation of the new collection for Lynne by Katerina Kainouriou  S/S 2014 . For the ones who do not know the collection you have to see the clothes and tell me what you think . We had a great time . The event was held at Akrotiri Lounge bar at Elliniko Athens , a wonderful place by the sea and it was fully organized . Many people were there , of course Greek celebrities , journalists , bloggers. The place is amazing and we had a great time .As for the clothes? Wonderful dresses , for your trip to the famous greek islands like santorini and mykonos ! How many of you are going to be here in Greece this summer ??? Lets have a poll ! Την Τετάρτη 30 Απριλίου  παραβρέθηκα στην παρουσίαση της καινούρια κολεξιόν της Κατερίνας Καινούριου στο Ακρωτήρι στον Άγιο Κοσμά . Η Κατερίνα Καινούριου έχει τη δική της σειρά στην εταιρεία LYNNE . Θέλω πολύ να σας μεταφέρω την ωραία ατμόσφαιρα της …


I have never worn Sante shoes, i wanted to buy once , but now  thanks to the company i got to know them and i rwally like them . I saw all the collection and i am really surprised , i love them all…Wait to see the other pair . If you follow me on instagram and fb you have already seen 😉 .I have been searching a good leather pair of boots for all day long because i have started my Master Degree and i am back to the school programm and i wanted a good pair for all day in the university . I have worn them , liked them and i present them to you ! THOUGHTS ? Δεν είχε τύχει μέχρι τώρα να φορέσω παπούτσια απο την εταιρεία Sante shoes.Την ευχαριστώ πολύ γιατί ήδη έψαχνα καλά δερμάτινα μποτίνια να τα φοράω όλη μέρα .Τώρα ειδικά που άρχισα και το μεταπτυχιακό μου και είμαι πίσω πάλι στα θρανία και στην εγρήγορση της καθημερινότητας νομίζω είναι ό,τι πρέπει . Είναι δερμάτινα και είναι …

#spoiledissue4 x Life In Style

Hello guys ! Christoula and LIS ( Life In Style) had a collaboration with Spoiled magazine to participate in the Isuue 4 featuring Tous and Longchamp stories that you will see in the next posts and in the magazine. Every issue of Spoiled has a subject and it is the only magazine worldwide that is launched in themes and stories in a connection to the site. It has brought a revolution in magazines as it follows a different path with many changes. This issue has the theme of friendship.  One said tha friends are family. I say that friends are much more than family. Are the reflection of yourself… Go check the issue here  Hope you have a great day ! Photographer : FELLOW BLOGGER ANNA ANTONIADOU FROM VIA DELL ANNA 

My Tous Lovestory

My Tous lovestory! Yes , here in Life in Style we have a huge crush on Tous and we showed it with our collaboration with SPOILED MAGAZINE for their new issue #spoiledissue4. We did a photoshoot for a story . This story has to do with Tous . When i see the new bags from the collection, i got a crush on them .Yeah , really …You do not believe me , right ? Just see the black bag and the studded little bag. You see now ? I remember myself  many years ago ,the first bags that i purchased from TOUS. It was their logo then . I want to show them to you…really (maybe in another post :P, but i will). Do you like them ? See the issue HERE. FROM BACKSTAGE That’s all folks , see ya around !  

Soufeel x Life In Style

 Soufeel is one of the largest eshop around the world. When i recieved the package from Soufeel I felt really excited because i love charms and bracelet. This eshop gives you the opportunity to make your own bracelet and pick your favorite charms! They have a great variety of bracelets and charms and this is what it makes them unique. I haven’t encountered an eshop like that before. The bracelet that i picked from Soufeel is really awesome. If you want you can pick many charms and mix and match them. Especially during the summer they are a very unique jewelry for mixing your outfit , your dress or making a bohemian look combining it with other bracelets !


My blog turns 5 years old today , i turned 27 two days ago so things go on and we get older and i hope wiser… 5 years ago ,on 24th of April , 2 days after my birthday i decided to make a blog , a fashion blog . This blog was the start of a new adventure in my life and got me so many experiences , i met new people , i did so many staff, i collaborated with many companies, i got to learn how people work in Pr and journalism ,i made a speech in front of people about my Journalistic Experience through blogging. Blogging and bloggers are really a controversial subject in today’s world. Bloggers are having a short of power because they have a voice and this is a huge deal. I saw brands becoming huge because they collaborated with bloggers. In Greece people hate to love or the opposite. Bloggers are not only bloggers. I hold a bachelor in Media and Communications from Kapodistrian University in Athens …