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Shanghai Review

Shanghai , China … An unforgettable place , an unforgettable experience . Is not a place where you can go every month , it is a place where you go once or 2 or 3 times and you remember your whole life. It is a different culture , a different world. So amazing places , amazing gardens and skyscrapers. I had the time of my life ! It is so fun meeting with another world , it is so different . We saw as much as we could , we stayed like 15 days in an appartment , i think on 22th floor – amazing view – . You have already seen some pictures of me in Facebook , or Twitter .I missed Christina so much , we were on Skype everyday 😛 . So many places to visit , so little time .  Enjoy the photos and remember to like fb !!!They are so many things coming to Life In Style that i cannot wait telling you ! Shanghai , Κίνα … Ένα αξέχαστο …

Whispers in the night ….

Hello guys, the nights in Nafplio are so magestic , looking at Palamidi , the castle of Napflio and Mpourtzi the other little castle . Walking on the port is definately what relaxes me the most  . This tunik i am wearing was really long and i cut it because i want it to wear it on dresses , on shorts etc .You can see how was the tunik , here what i did with the other half !I like changing , cutting my clothes when i get bored of them or when i think that they will be more in use with fixing and cutting them . 😛 I do not know but i love changing parts and doing some things on the clothe .Not in all of the clothes of course , but some of them . Do you do diy on your clothes ? Do you like it ? Tell me what change did you do when you did not like a clothe and by changing it now it is your favourite …

Maasai Mara Art Gallery @ Nafplio

There is a shop in Nafplio that caught my eye !When i was walking i saw the beautiful leather bags so instantly i went inside to see them clearly . They are perfect . I met the owner of this wonderful shop and told me about his travels in Africa , Maroko and many many more places !The jewelry are the authentic ones, especially the famous tribe of maasai jewelry! His shop is so unique , we all loved it !He also gave me the leg bracelet which people wear in Εthiopia . You can see it here ! You will love it ! If you go to Nafplio , please go there you will find real treasures ! You can find the shop in the address below maasai mara art gallery 17 Bas.Alexandrou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)  As for our night out ?We went to 3sixty cafe  for drinks and food  and of course for walk! christina bsb dress balenciaga bag christoula dkny bag fullah sugah wedges

Summer in the city or not ?

    Hey guys, i am Christoula ,cousin of Christina Georgopoulos and as you can see i love summer so much . Christina always wants to take photos , i do not 😛 . But during summer my mood is up and i love the summer spirit , sunbathing , swimming , relaxing on the sea and of course taking photos . 😛 She left me a space in LIS (LIFE IN STYLE ) to make a post of mine 😛 .I hope you like it , cause i think it is the third  post in LIS . The other two are here and here . Have a great summer guys and rock it on ;)!                            

7 SEAS at sifnos !

Hello guys sorry for the late posts but i am really busy these days …In this post i want to show you the great cafe at sifnos , 7seas at Camares. You can go drink your coffee , have a snack and swim in the swimming pool looking at the beautiful port of cyclades …I think this is paradise …So when you go to sifnos , you must visit that beautiful place .  The people who follow my blog already know that this yves saint laurent shirt i have already worn it at santorini 2 years ago . You can see it here!