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Shanghai Review (part 1)

Shanghai , China …An unforgettable place , an unforgettable experience . Is not a place where you can go every month , it is a place where you go once or 2 or 3 times and you remember your whole life. It is a different culture , a different world. So amazing places , amazing gardens and skyscrapers. I had the time of my life ! It is so fun meeting with another world , it is so different . We saw as much as we could , we stayed like 15 days in an appartment , i think on 22th floor – amazing view – . You have already seen some pictures of me in Facebook , or Twitter .I missed Christina so much , we were on Skype everyday 😛 . So many places to visit , so little time . But we had to do it for work , nevertheless and i cought teh opportunity with my friend George to go there for Life in style , i will so you the …